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    Gallery 6 pdx opens it’s doors in October 2012. Located near the Burnside Bridge, Eastside of the Willamette river, on NE 6th Avenue between Couch and Davis. Joining a neighborhood teaming with young energy and fresh ideas, the gallery is housed on the street level of the new environmentally-friendly urban-forward Biscuit Company Lofts building.

    Gallery 6 pdx (also known as ‘g6’) is the working studio of Liz Cohn featuring her collage, assemblage, and mixed media artwork. Works by invited guest artists are also featured. The gallery focus in on collage, assemblage and mixed media previously not exhibited in Portland.

        Opening hours are 12-6 Friday - Sunday
        and by appointment

Open 12-8 on the First Friday of each month

Calling ahead is recommended, especially during inclement weather.

    G6 is the permanent home of the ‘Playing with a Full Deck’ mail art collaboration when it is not traveling on exhibition.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Liz Cohn                        ‘a taste‘                                          October
Palmarin Merges           ‘mixed media‘                                 November
Arlinka Blair                    ‘spirit dolls‘                                    December

Eunice Parsons                collage                                        January
12x16 Gallery                  ‘hostile takeover‘                          February
Liz Cohn                           collage                                         March
Jenifer Renzel                  ‘Assemblage‘                               April 
Joyce Hill                         ‘mixed-media painting‘                May
Audrey Smith                    ‘Collage‘                                      June     
Wilder Schmaltz                drawings                                     July
Playing with a Full Deck    playing cards                              August 
Rodrigo  Bonfim                collage                                        September
Margaret Glew                  Paintings                                     October

Contact gallery 6 pdx        

Artists wishing to submit work may email websites                           

gallery 6 pdx

gallery 6 pdx

131 NE 6th Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97214